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When taken on a daily basis, Geri-Care Pharmaceuticals Magnesium Oxide Tablets help prevent migraines. 

Each tablet contains: Magnesium Oxide [Equivalent to 240 mg of elemental magnesium (19.75 mEq)] 400 mg.

Recommended by Our Medical Team

“I often recommend magnesium supplements for my patients who experience migraines and migraines with aura. Magnesium may help with migraine prevention in a few different ways, by blocking pain transmitting chemicals in the brain, preventing certain brain signals that can cause the visual and sensory changes of auras, and possibly prevent narrowing of brain blood vessels caused by the neurotransmitter serotonin. Patients love that it’s available without a prescription, it’s safe to use and works well as an option for preventive treatment.”

– Caroline Stowe (FNP-BC), Nurx Medical Provider